CHARGETHROUGH SORTED is an internet-enabled marketplace for all retailers and suppliers choosing to trade via the current Metcash CHARGETHROUGH SORTED process. It is available at no additional cost to retailers or suppliers. CHARGETHROUGH SORTED offers some great benefits, but retailers and suppliers tell us it needs improving!

How does it work?

The new upgrade automates seven key steps in the current CHARGETHROUGH SORTED process:

Select Search Host Order Confirm Invoice Claim

CHARGETHROUGH SORTED suppliers can showcase their products to all CHARGETHROUGH SORTED retailers across Australia 24×7, so retailers can then search and select additional local products they may want to range alongside their store’s core ‘Winning Range’.

Orders can be placed directly, via the new CHARGETHROUGH SORTED web-portal, but retailers may also elect to have CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products hosted-down to their point-of-sale / back-office system (POS/BOS). ‘Hosted’ CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products can then be ordered just like Metcash products – either directly through the store POS/BOS, or uploaded via a shelf-edge label scan.

The new CHARGETHROUGH SORTED system takes a single store order and automatically splits it into separate orders – one for Metcash, and a separate order for each CHARGETHROUGH SORTED supplier. Orders are sent automatically, and order confirmations, modifications, and aligned line-level invoices flow electronically between the retailer and each supplier.

All quantities, values and actions are date-stamped and authored.

What are the benefits?

There are benefits for suppliers at each step in the current CHARGETHROUGH SORTED process:

Search & Select

Add a major new sales channel!

  • Showcase your products to all the CHARGETHROUGH SORTED retailers you want to reach, 24x

  • Manage general or retailer-specific pricing and promotions


Get your CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products hosted into retailers back-office systems for easy ordering–product content, purchase price, RRP and GP%

Order Retailers order online or via their back office system or RF units. All orders are routed to the right supplier, and you receive full line-level detail and date/time recording. Supplier turn-in order capability is available
Confirm/Deliver Send electronic order confirmations or suggested order modifications. Piggy-back on the Metcash truck already delivering; compare your delivery cost with the new Metcash cross-dock (from late 2018), offering a transparent dollar per carton origin-to-destination, on an order-by-order basis
Invoice Maintain surety of payment, and improve accuracy, timeliness and ease of processing with electronic invoices that always match order line-level supplier codes, quantities and buy-price(s). Take advantage of new EDI links to flow data directly into and out of your systems
Claim Be advised of any issues promptly, with full transparency of order and line-level detail and timings


Yes. CHARGETHROUGH SORTED is optional for retailers and suppliers, and has been for well over a decade. CHARGETHROUGH SORTED is just an internet-enabled upgrade for retailers and suppliers choosing to trade on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED. It is available at no additional cost to suppliers or retailers.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ranging policy & control

  1. If a supplier has products in the Metcash warehouse, can that supplier still sell on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED?
    Subject to agreeing CHARGETHROUGH SORTED terms with Metcash, a supplier with products in the Metcash warehouse can still sell products on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED, but only different products. The delineation is product-based, not supplier-based. If the product is in the Metcash warehouse it forms part of the Metcash ‘Winning Range’ expected in stores anyway.

Ordering, invoicing & delivery

  1. How do suppliers order through CHARGETHROUGH SORTED
    Retailers will now have multiple options to order product, and can choose the easiest for their unique circumstances.  Orders can be placed:a) by the retailer online, through the new CHARGETHROUGH SORTED web-portal
    b) by the retailer, through the retailer’s back-office system
    c) by the retailer, through a shelf-edge label scan, as for Metcash warehouse-stocked products
    d) by a supplier – if authorised by the retailer – via the placement of a ‘turn-in order’ through the new web-portal
    CHARGETHROUGH SORTED allows retailers to place orders including both Metcash warehouse and CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products, across multiple suppliers. The new platform will route orders correctly and immediately to the appropriate supplier, or to Metcash.
    Suppliers will therefore receive orders in one consistent electronic web format, with all appropriate order and line level detail. Metcash has also built Electronic Data Integration (EDI) capability into the new platform, and looks forward to working with suppliers to extend connectivity directly into suppliers’ systems. Clearly this depends on each suppliers’ systems maturity and configuration.
  2. How do suppliers confirm willingness and ability to supply, and then raise invoices?
    CHARGETHROUGH SORTED has been configured to allow suppliers to manage all orders from retailers in a simple way, through the CHARGETHROUGH SORTED web-portal. This includes order acknowledgement, order adjustment requests based on the supplier’s ability to supply, order confirmation, and the raising of electronic invoices corresponding to each fulfilled order.  As with the order process above, EDI capability connecting into supplier systems has also been built for handling both order confirmation and electronic invoices.
  3. What additional data insights may be available through CHARGETHROUGH SORTED?
    An advantage of CHARGETHROUGH SORTED will be better availability of data on the trading performance of CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products. This is unlikely to be available in a meaningful sense from the first days of operation. The new platform will need to accumulate trading data over time, but ultimately it should provide both retailers and suppliers with greater insights to inform their decision-making. Metcash welcomes feedback from suppliers on what data insights will be most valuable.
  4. Will CHARGETHROUGH SORTED allow retailers to see all product options within a category?
    Yes, this is an advantage of the new platform, subject to the depth of range offered by suppliers on the site.  If a retailer is looking for a particular product or product category important to their local demographic and community, all listed options from suppliers servicing the relevant store can be found. All products on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED will be categorised within the Metcash Standard Category (MSC) structure, with filters intended to enable retailers to find the products they want quickly.
  5. Will a supplier-representative still be able to place an order in store, as they do now?
    Yes.  CHARGETHROUGH SORTED includes supplier ‘turn-in order’ capability through the web portal.  Granting access to suppliers will be the choice of the retailer.  We are also investigating opportunities to enable integrated turn-in orders for suppliers who already have existing turn-in order system capability.  Again this will depend on each suppliers’ systems maturity and configuration.
  6. Can suppliers set a minimum order value, and practically how will this work?
    Suppliers have the ability to set a minimum order value per store per day across all lines from the same supplier. Practically, the retailer will be alerted if total orders for a supplier do not exceed the minimum threshold, and can take whatever action the retailer decides.  This is only a “soft-warning” in the system and ultimately allows the supplier to decide whether to proceed fulfilling the order or not.
  7. How does the system deal with delivery timeframes?
    CHARGETHROUGH SORTED does not attempt to manage delivery windows, in the way an end-consumer grocery eCommerce offer may allow customers to choose a specific delivery window. CHARGETHROUGH SORTED allows a supplier to provide descriptive delivery information to retailers through a supplier profile page. This may include content on latest order cut-off times for same day or next day despatch, and anticipated delivery lead times by location.
  8. What trading rules and standards will Metcash impose?
    All CHARGETHROUGH SORTED suppliers are required to sign-up to trading terms & conditions. Metcash reserves the right to suspend or remove suppliers not behaving appropriately.

Fees & pricing

  1. What if a supplier has already negotiated a retailer-specific price with a retailer outside CHARGETHROUGH SORTED?
    There is no obligation on retailers or suppliers to trade through CHARGETHROUGH SORTED or CHARGETHROUGH SORTED, but Metcash has configured CHARGETHROUGH SORTED to support retailer-specific pricing should retailers and suppliers want to access the benefits of the new platform for deals currently outside CHARGETHROUGH SORTED.
    CHARGETHROUGH SORTED shows a purchase price and a recommended retail price for each product, and the purchase price may be adjusted by the supplier to be a retailer-specific purchase price to reflect a unique deal negotiated between the retailer and supplier.
  2. Will CHARGETHROUGH SORTED show a Recommended Retail Price?
    CHARGETHROUGH SORTED will offer a product purchase price to retailers – either the supplier’s list price or the supplier’s retailer-specific deal price. CHARGETHROUGH SORTED will also display the supplier’s Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and show retailers the associated Gross Profit percentage on the product.


  1. Will CHARGETHROUGH SORTED facilitate promotions?CHARGETHROUGH SORTED has rich promotions capability inherent in the SAP-Hybris platform. This will allow suppliers to offer periodic promotions on a dollar-off and percentage-off basis, and in a flexible manner. Where CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products are promoted in the IGA catalogue and hosted-down to the retailer’s point-of-sale and back-office system, Metcash will mirror in CHARGETHROUGH SORTED the approach currently supported by the Metcash ERP system.
  2. Will Metcash promote product on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED in the catalogue?
    Governance of product selection for promotions will not change with CHARGETHROUGH SORTED. As above, Metcash will mirror in CHARGETHROUGH SORTED the promotions approach currently supported by the Metcash ERP system.

Technical capability

  1. What technical capability is needed?
    An up-to-date internet browser is needed to access the CHARGETHROUGH SORTED trading portal – eg. Chrome 58 onwards, Internet Explorer 10 onwards, Safari 10 onwards and Firefox 53 onwards.
    Suppliers should note that a retailer’s point-of-sale and back-office system (POS/BOS) must support version 7 file transfer (Host v7) for retailer access to all integration features of CHARGETHROUGH SORTED. Host v7 enables:
    a) CHARGETHROUGH SORTED product hosting to a retailer’s POS/BOS (including price updates and 8-digit item codes);
    b) a single store order from POS/BOS being split and routed to multiple suppliers;
    c) electronic invoicing back to POS/BOS.
    Retailers on the earlier Host v5 will have access to CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products through the web portal, but they will not be able to host CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products to POS/BOS. They will be able to place orders online but not from BOS, and they will be able to view invoices in the web portal (but not receive them back into POS/BOS).
    For this reason, store upgrades to CHARGETHROUGH SORTED capability will be aligned with upgrades to Host v7 capability for all stores, where the store is not already Host v7 capable.
  2. Can CHARGETHROUGH SORTED integrate into supplier systems?
    As mentioned previously, Metcash has built Electronic Data Integration (EDI) capability into the new platform catering for orders, order confirmations & invoices, and looks forward to working with suppliers to extend connectivity directly into suppliers’ systems. We are also investigating opportunities to enable integrated turn-in orders for suppliers who already have existing turn-in order system capability.  Clearly all of these options depend on each suppliers’ systems maturity and configuration.


  1. What if a retailer orders a suppliers’ products, but a supplier has no current delivery capability to that store?
    CHARGETHROUGH SORTED will allow suppliers to showcase their product ranges online, 24×7, to all CHARGETHROUGH SORTED stores nationally. If a supplier has no current direct delivery capability beyond a subset of stores (eg. local stores) then the supplier has three options.  The supplier can:
    a) constrain its delivery region within CHARGETHROUGH SORTED by State
    b) extend its direct delivery capability through its own commercial arrangements
    c) elect to cross-dock the delivery through the Metcash distribution network
  2. How does (or will) Metcash cross-dock work?
    Metcash currently offers cross-dock as a commercial option to all suppliers, allowing suppliers to piggy-back on the next scheduled Metcash store delivery. Metcash will continue to offer cross-dock, and is looking at extending the cross-dock service to interstate movements. Cross-dock will be available to suppliers as a default option, or as a selection on a discrete order basis.
    Where suppliers choose Metcash cross-dock, the supplier accepts the commercial terms (service fee) for Metcash to provide this service. The supplier requirement is then to deliver a single load to the supplier’s local Metcash warehouse, with all products picked and labelled by store (with appropriate labelling provided through Metcash systems). Individual cartons must contain products for a single store only, and must not exceed maximum weight and size limits. Metcash then cross-docks these cartons onto the next regular Metcash store delivery, and the retailer receives a consolidated load from Metcash across both Metcash warehouse and CHARGETHROUGH SORTED products.
    Metcash is currently overhauling its cross-docking systems and capabilities to align with the new CHARGETHROUGH SORTED platform.  This will provide a far simpler and less administrative experience for suppliers using this service.
  3. Who is accountable for delivery and product quality when suppliers cross-dock through Metcash?
    With the provision of a cross-dock service, Metcash is operating as a logistics services provider to suppliers. Metcash is accountable for delivery of cartons consigned by the supplier, but the supplier is accountable for the contents or quality of the products within the cartons, unless damage to those products is caused by Metcash negligence.
  4. Does cross-dock consolidate invoices with Metcash?
    No, CHARGETHROUGH SORTED invoices are specific to an order from a supplier, not specific to the physical movement of goods. When suppliers elect to cross-dock their deliveries onto Metcash regular loads, it does not join invoices together.

Next steps

  1.  When can suppliers set up their range and offers to trade on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED?
    CHARGETHROUGH SORTED is available to all suppliers now, with many thousands of products already loaded.
    For suppliers with existing CHARGETHROUGH SORTED accounts, the process is:
    a) Metcash configures the supplier as a trading entity on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED
    b) Supplier is notified to login and verify its account details
    c) Supplier can set up users, assign permissions, and populate a company profile page
    d) Metcash provides supplier with an Excel template for upload of product content
    e) Supplier populates the Excel product template, and bulk imports their product data to CHARGETHROUGH SORTED
    f) Supplier completes other product catalogue details – uploading product images and list prices
    g) Supplier updates any customer-specific pricing, and loads any opening promotions & discounts
    h) Metcash reviews and approves products which are then made live on the site and ready to trade
    The agreed terms for CHARGETHROUGH SORTED trade continue to be applied in Metcash’s financial systems and held separately from the CHARGETHROUGH SORTED platform.
    For suppliers not previously trading on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED, the process is similar but these suppliers will first need to be set up in Metcash financial systems as a trading entity, and to negotiate terms for CHARGETHROUGH SORTED trade.  Suppliers should contact their local State Business Manager for CHARGETHROUGH SORTED to start this process (contact details at the end of this document).

Change impact summary

  1. What changes should be expected to supplier processes for CHARGETHROUGH SORTED?
    The table below shows key change areas for suppliers. Suppliers should consider where these tasks sit in their business today, and how roles and processes may change with CHARGETHROUGH SORTED
Product & pricing set-up New products specified on UBFs and submitted by supplier to Metcash Directs Manager

New products loaded by supplier to CHARGETHROUGH SORTED, either individually or via bulk upload. Option to enrich content through SKUvantage or GS1 SmartMedia

Pricing managed by supplier on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED via Offers to retailers

Range breadth Limited by range submission to Directs Manage Unlimited, subject to Metcash final approval step prior to products going live on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED
Customer reach Limited by practical scope of field sales teams, printed materials etc Limited only by ability to supply, and Metcash Cross-dock is an option to reach all stores
Order processing Relies on email, fax, verbal instruction Received electronically via CHARGETHROUGH SORTED account, or EDI
Order acknowledgement Relies on email, fax, verbal advice
Advised electronically via CHARGETHROUGH SORTED account, or EDI
Advised electronically via CHARGETHROUGH SORTED account, or EDI
Invoicing Paper invoice sent with goods to retailer.  Statement submitted to Metcash Paper invoice sent with goods to retailer. Matching electronic invoice sent to retailer and Metcash via CHARGETHROUGH SORTED or EDI

Data specifications

  1. What data will be required to load a product to CHARGETHROUGH SORTED?
    Suppliers can publish a wide range information about their products from core data (product description, pack size, GTIN, etc) through to extended consumer data (nutritional, allergen, marketing content, etc).

A minimum sub-set of data is required for an item to appear and be traded on CHARGETHROUGH SORTED.  The list below identifies mandatory fields that must be populated for each product:

  • Product Description
  • GTIN
  • Pack Size
  • Price (known as an Offer)
  • Product Image

Optional Data elements include:

  • Supplier Product Codes
  • Nutritional Data
  • Allergen Information
  • Marketing Messages

For suppliers to maximise their sales potential, products should look as good as possible on the site.  CHARGETHROUGH SORTED has minimum product image specifications as follows:

  • Minimum 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • White Background
  • Front Pack Shot
  • 2D Image
  • Product fills the canvas with 5-10 pixel border
  • 300dpi Minimum
  • RGB Colour profile
  • JPG Format

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